Forget what you know about remote outsourcing.

Many offshoring or ‘BPO’ outsourcing services take control of daily management and limit visibility of performance. It’s more like a third party agreement, often measured against inflexible service level agreements.

ConnectOS does offshoring differently.

Find the talent you need, fast.

You might require a small team of offshore employees – or perhaps you’re just looking for a simpler, more economical way to deliver a standard monthly process. ConnectOS specialises in solutions that help companies remove inefficiencies, streamline operations and expand team capacity.

Drawing from our established talent pool, we find great talent and seamlessly transition those people into your business, under your daily management. And we take care of the rest.

We make it simple.

From one person to a large team, short-term or long term, we’ll find the right skills and experience for your business.