More than just the bottom line.

Organisations in every industry are turning to innovative offshore strategies in an effort to realise efficiencies and capitalise on the technical talent available. Hiring, onboarding and retaining employees is a company’s largest investment of time and capital – and once a team is in place it’s challenging to adjust size or skill composition. Offshoring speeds set-up time, requires less investment, and offers much greater flexibility.

The 3-to-1 Value Rule

The simple calculation of resourcing costs in the Philippines is 3-to-1. For every role you have in Australia, NZ, UK or US/Canada, you can typically hire three employees in the Philippines for the same cost.

Pricing: simple, transparent.

Our pricing is all-inclusive – you won’t find any hidden expenses or additional fees.

  • Staff

    Including entitlements, tax and health insurance (at no cost/mark up
  • +
  • Connect OS Managed Services Fee

    Office-Based or Work From Home

    • People +

      Human Resources, induction, attendance, performance management.
    • Technology

      Modern office space and IT equipment, high-speed internet + guaranteed redundancy, 24/7 onsite support.
    • Operational

      Payroll, finance, workplace security, legal and compliance services, business continuity planning, OH&S.
  • =
  • Total Monthly

    Simple, itemised monthly invoice.

Employee costs in the Philippines are between 60-80 per cent lower than the equivalent in Australia, NZ, UK or US/Canada.

ConnectOS pricing includes salaries, taxes, benefits and all support costs. Billing is in your local currency so it’s easy to understand. Our costs are transparent and all-inclusive.

From one person to a large team, our cost structure means every employee you hire is treated as an individual – with their own specific skills, experience, cultural fit and commensurate salary.

We find the best-fit talent for the role, so your investment generates sustainable value for your business, not just a short-term cost reduction.

No lock-in contract.
No long-term commitment.

Connect with us and we’ll share with you how innovative organisations are accelerating their productivity with our smart offshoring solutions – and saving while they do it.